December 5, 2008

Just some thoughts.....

What is the deal with going to a coffee shop, and then having the wonderful twenty somethings who work there make out with their boyfriends or girlfriends? Where's the work ethic here? I'm pretty sure it all goes against the customer service code!

Why do people say, "I lost my job?" Such an oxy moron! I didn't loose it, I know right where it is. It's just not mine anymore, it's someone else's. So does that mean they found it? Maybe people should say, they took it away from me.

What does it mean when your puppy is pooping like crazy around your house? What does it mean when you take them out and they do their business...all of their business. And still you come back in and minutes later they have an accident in the house. It's like, seriously could anymore possibly come out? And does. I'm up to my ears in doggy accidents in the house. Any advice? I've tried everything the Vets suggested to rid this problem.
Does anyone have any good leads on jobs? Cause if you do, I'd love to speak with you.

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