September 3, 2011

You Asked, I Answered: Part 1

Happy Saturday Everyone! 

{pardon the screen shot, I promise it's better than it looks!}

Untitled from Andrea Worley on Vimeo.

Couple other random things:
See that banner on the side that says SPEAK? I wanted to invite you to jump on over and check out their online conference they're doing for bloggers, social media peeps, etc about social media in the church. Be sure to check out this free conference and take part with some amazing leaders! 

Also, as you know all this month we'll be talking organization! I'm excited for you to join me!

And, coming next month join me for:
I've got some awesome and talented bloggers sharing their own closets, shopping secrets, and style secrets with us next month! As well as my very own closet organization/reveal! It's gonna be fun! 

Hoping you're enjoying your weekend, just as much 
as we are! See you Monday!! 


  1. Hey, thanks for answering my question. We handle the issue in a similar fashion....

    Nice to see the video, as it gives more of a chance to get to 'know' you!

    Happy weekend!

    P.S. I work as a Home Stager and Professional Organizer, so I'm looking forward to your Org. series!

  2. Thanks Carol Anne!! WOWzers, I think you need to be talking about this series! you're a pro! :) Have a blessed weekend!


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